Presentation Outline

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Introduction to WordPress

  • Open-Source
  • User Friendly
  • Quick Setup
  • Easy Backup/Transfer

WordPress Basic Features

Customizing WordPress

  • Themes separate design
  • Plugins automate tasks, add new features
  • Page Templates within a theme can build on basic features
  • Functions: using theme settings to avoid customized code


Import TOC

  • handout on Word/Excel formatting
  • Import Category plugin

Configure Header

  • Book Image
  • Create Author Links
  • Select “featured” option
  • other text

Descriptions (page numbers, links to content?)

  • Add page numbers?
  • Category Slug Description plugin


Provide Training

Additional Features

  • Comments / Submission Form?
  • Content Filters?
  • Q & A?
  • host ebooks?

Get Started


  • Start here – not just a presentation, this is also a guidebook!
  • Install your own: Classcaster or self-hosted


  • Anytime! Files already loaded in Classcaster
  • Download files from this site for self-hosting
  • Use Q&A for ongoing discussion
  • Collaborate: build your own features, share them back into the project.